Kościelisko village is located not far from Zakopane, the largest and most famous ski resort in Poland. Administratively the settlement belongs to Tatra County of Lesser Poland, during 1973-1977-s it belonged to Nowy Sącz Voivodeship.

Geographically Kościelisko is located within Kościelisko valley and near the northern foot of Gubałówka Hill. The area of the village is rather big, it includes 21 former seasonal settlements of shepherds who led flocks of sheep to Tatra Mountains. The evidence of the first settlements of shepherds in modern Kościelisko area date back to 1623. Earlier Kościelisko administratively belonged to the territory of Zakopane and only after 1867 it started to exist as a separate settlement.

Usually here come the tourists who use the services of ski resorts in Zakopane, but want to settle in a quieter place. In Kościelisko one also can go skiing or snowboarding. Here Salamandra ski resort functions, there are six rope tows here and all necessary tourist infrastructure. Some skiing tracks are covered with artificial snow if needed. The tracks are available for usage from the early morning and in the evening they are well lit. There are natural caves not far from the town, being a place of tourist's attraction.

Worth seeing:
  • Mylna cave
  • Mroźna cave
  • Obłazkowa cave
  • Raptawicka cave
  • Smocza Jama cave