Limanowa County

Limanowa Country (powiat limanowski) is one of 19 land counties (powiat zemski) of Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It has an area of 951,9 km², with the population of over 126 thousand of people, the population density is 133,2 people per km². The county's administrative centre is Limanowa. Limanowa County came into being on January 1, 1999 as a result of an administrative reform.

The ridges of the Island Beskids (Beskid Wyspowy) and nothern foothills of the Gorce Mountains extend across the Limanowa County. The western boundaries of the Island Beskids are delineated by the mountain river valleys of Skawa and Raba, and eastern — by Dunajec. The geographical location of the county contributes to the development of alpine tourism. Such sport and tourism centres function here:

  • Ski Resort "Kasina Wielka", Kasina Wielka
  • Ski Resort "Koninki", Koninki
  • Ski Resort "Limanowa SKI", Limanowa
  • Ski lift "Lubomierz SKI", Lubomierz
  • Ski Resort "Laskowa-Kamionna", Laskowa

Worth visiting:
  • Parochial Museum, Dobra
  • Basilica of the Holy Mother of God (1910-1918), Limanowa
  • Grace Chapel (16th cent.), Limanowa
  • Wooden Church of St. John of Nepomuk (17th cent.), Laskowa
  • Mikhalkovsky mansion (17th cent.), Laskowa
  • The Museum of Folk Architecture (Skansen), Laskowa
  • Gorce National Park, Poręba Wielka