Białka Tatrzańska

Białka Tatrzańska is a picturesque mountain village, which is located in 15 km from Nowy Targ, 20 km from Zakopane. Nearby there is another popular ski resort of Lesser Poland, Bukowina Tatrzańska. The resort village stretches for 8 km along the river valley of the same name, which spreads to the distance of 1.5 km. Białka River is one of the cleanest on the territory of historical and ethnographic region of Pidhallya, in this valley a landscape reserve was created. 20% of Białka Tatrzańska's territory is covered with forests. The highest peak of the village is situated at an altitude of 725 m within Kanówka mountain range.

Białka Tatrzańska was founded in the XVIIth century during the rule of Władysław IV Vasa. Earlier the Tatra forests, which are situated near the Sea Eye lake, were attributed to the territory, but later the area of lands belonging to the village diminished. For a long time Białka Tatrzańska was a private settlement which was called 'Nowa Białka'.

The mountainous climate dominates in the village, but it is milder than in the neighbouring Tatra. In winter large amount of snow falls here, due to this fact, natural conditions for winter outdoor activities are preserved here longer than in other settlements of Lesser Poland. The snow cover is 40-80 cm, it holds for 120-130 days a year in Białka Tatrzańska. Usually one may ski here till the beginning of May.

The tourism infrastructure for active winter recreation is well developed in Białka Tatrzańska. The lift system in the settlement has been stretched for several km, for all of them there is a single skipass (a permit for the usage of lift service) which creates comfortable conditions for ski rest within the entire locality. In Białka Tatrzańska tourists can use the services of such ski resorts and lifts:

  • Banya ski resort
  • Wysoki Wierch ski lift
  • Zebra ski lift, Białka Tatrzańska
  • Litwinka-Grapa ski resort
  • Kaniówka ski resort
  • Kotelnica ski resort

Białka Tatrzańska is also known as a spa resort. The newest thermal baths of Poland called 'Banya' are situated here. Thermal pools, water park, saunas, the Institute of Health and SPA are situated in this recreation and wellness complex. Alongside with thermal baths the tourism infrastructure is also well developed.