Nowy Targ County

Nowy Targ County (pol. powiat nowotarski) is one of 19 land counties of lesser Poland Voivodeship. Geographically the county's second largest after Nowy Sącz County, it covers the area of 1474.6 km², with the population of over 187.000 people, the population density is 127.4 p/km². The county's administrative centre is Nowy Targ. Nowy Targ County came into being on January 1, 1999 as a result of an administrative reform.

During the 15th-19th century many objects of sacred architecture were built. One of them, the Wooden Church of St. Michael the Archangel Michael (15th century) in the village of Dembno, was included into the Unesco's World Heritage list. Among popular tourist's destinations there are also sights of fortification architecture: Niedzicy Castle (14th century) located in the village of Niedzica-Zamek and also Czorsztyn Castle (14th century) located in the village of Czorsztyn. For those who enjoy hiking and mountain eco-tourism within the county there is a developed network of eco-tourism routes that run through areas of Popradsky landscape park and Pieniny National Park.

The natural conditions and resources of Nowy Targ County contributed to the development of health tourism. There are many spa resorts in the region, among them the biggest are:

For those who enjoy alpine skiing there are such sport and tourism centres:

  • Czorsztyn SKI resort, Kluszkowce
  • Na Stajkowe ski lift, Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Polana Sosny ski resort, Niedzica
  • Długa Polana ski lift, Nowy Targ
  • Zadzial ski lift, Nowy Targ
  • Obidowa ski lift, Obidowa
  • Orawka ski lift, Orawka
  • Maciejówka ski lift, Rabka-Zdrój
  • Polczakówka ski lift, Rabka-Zdrój
  • Rdzawka ski lift, Rabka-Zdrój
  • Turbacz ski lift, Rabka-Zdrój
  • U Żura ski lift, Rabka-Zdrój
  • Ciche ski lift, Ciche
  • Pálenice ski resort, Szczawnica
  • Czerwienne Budz ski resort, Czerwienne

Worth visiting:

Sacred architecture and cemeteries

  • Wooden Church of St. Martin (15th century), Grywald
  • Wooden Church of St. Michael the Archangel Michael (15th century), Dembno (enlisted into the Unesco's World Heritage)
  • Chapel of the Transfiguration (1831-1897), Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Chapel of Saint Kinga (beg. of the 19th century), Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Chapel of Saint Roch (1710-1723), Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Church of All Saints (14th century), Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Jewish cemetery (19th-20th centuries), Niedzica
  • Wooden Church of St. John the Babtist (1651-1656), Orawka
  • Church of St. Maria Magdalena (1902-1908), Rabka-Zdrój
  • Chapel (17th-19th centuries), Czorsztyn
  • Church of St. Wojciech (1882-1892), Szczawnica

Fortifications and other architectural monuments

  • Ruins of Pieniny Castle (13th century), Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Niedzicy Castle (14th century), Niedzica-Zamek
  • Rabcio puppet show (1949), Rabka-Zdrój
  • Czorsztyn Castle (14th century), Czorsztyn

Protected areas


  • Pieniny National Park Museum, Krościenko nad Dunajcem
  • Museum in the wooden church of the 17th century named after Vladyslaw Orkan; Rabka-Zdrój, Władysława Orkana St. 2
  • Museum of the Order of the Smile; Rabka-Zdrój, Dietla St. 2
  • Rolling-Stock Heritage Park "Skansen", Chabówka
  • Chochołów Uprising Museum, Chochołów