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LEMKIVSKA SADYBA (House of Lemky) Museum

The museum was founded in 1985.

It is situated in one of the authentic Lemky dwellings (1902) which is located on the hill. Here one can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Uzhanska valley.

The interior, typical for Lemky dwelling of the beginning of XX c., is reproduced here.
There is a folk group Lemkivchanka which keeps the culture of Lemky and gives it over to the young generation.

For the visitors they represent the folk composition with folk songs, jokes and dances.
If desired, the hosts suggest to try traditional folk dishes and local wonder-tea (made of seven herbs gathered in the mountains during the dawn time before St. Trinity holiday).
Since 1988 it is the People's Museum. It is attended by the guests from USA, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Poland, etc.
Working hours:
11:00–19:00; closed on Tuesday and Sunday.
Entrance fee:
Donation is greeted.
Transcarpathian region
Perechyn district
Zarichovo village

Теl.: +38 (066) 846-18-09
How to get:
By public transport
Go by train or by bus to Uzhgorod or Perechyn, then take a bus to Zarichovo village. Another variant go by train Lviv — Solotvyno to Perechyn, then go by taxi. The museum is situated in the village center.
Detailed information about public transport.

By car
Go along the road Kyiv–Lviv–Chop (M-06), and follow Polyana village road sign near Svalyava town, then go towards Perechyn sign boards. The museum is situated in the village center.


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