Ski lifts and slopes in Yasinya


Ski lifts in Yasinya
Ski lifts and trails
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The lifts in the village centre

The drag lift is nearby the local bus station, on Kostyrivka mountain. The lift functions when the snow cover is thick enough and the skiers are there.

The slope here is quite smooth, flat and wide (about 200 m) and is perfect for learning and having first skiing or snowboarding practice — here the trails are green (very easy; for learning) and blue (easy; for beginners). The hill surface is grassy.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference
drag lift 400 m 70 m

On the way the the hill, there's a ski rental and a ticket office; nearby — restaurants and cafés, stalls with food and winter clothing, some shops, etc. Near the upper station of the lift there's a wooden chapel, and from that point you can enjoy beautiful views of surrounding mountains and the village.

This place is right in the centre of Yasinya. The landmark on the way — main buildings of the village: the street leading to the lower station of the lift is opposite the local community centre. Go along this street about 10 min and head right; the lift is right there, on the hill by the railroad.

48.26892  24.36296  
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Sports school

There are several ski lifts on the hill, but up to now, only one still functions (located at the top).

The slope there fits better those who already have some experience in skiing — the trails are steep and hilly, even sheerer in the upper sections, the lower part is more gentle.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference
drag lift 400 m 120 m

This complex is located opposite the former factory building, you can even notice it from the road. There's a path, rather steep but pretty distinct, that leads you to the upper station of the lift (go on foot from the main road).

48.24474  24.35869  
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From the village you can also get to Drahobrat, the highest mountain ski resort in Ukraine, with variety of ski lifts and trails of different difficulty.