Ski lifts and slopes on Drahobrat


Vershyna Karpat (The Peak of the Carpathians) Karpatska Chayka (the Carpathian Gull)
Drahobrat Oaza (the Oasis)

VERSHYNA KARPAT (The Peak of the Carpathians)

This ski complex is located on Stih mountain (1707 m high). There are 3 ski lifts: the double chairlift, a drag lift and a rope tow.

The most trails there are red (intermediate level), they are quite wide, long and straight. There are some hilly parts. After using the chairlift you can go down the easier slope which is also more straight and goes along the lower area between two drag lifts. In another way, you can go down closer to the forest area, between the trees. These easier slopes are also available from the upper station of the drag lift.
In general, this part of the hill would be interesting as for beginners so for professional skiers, though it would also be convenient for those who only learns how to ski or snowboard.
You can get to the lower stations of Vershyna Karpat complex by going down from the side of Drahobrat complex. And from the upper station of the chairlift you can go down to the slopes of Karpatska Chayka and Oaza.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude
1 lift 1 day
chairlift 1300 m 180 m 120 UAH 800 UAH
drag lift 1000 m 160 m 70 UAH
platter rope tow 200 m   30 UAH
Deposit for the card — 20 UAH.

Near the lower station you can rent skiing equipment (from 50 UAH) and get ski instructor's service. There is a cashier's office, a cafe, WC, a parking, a first-aid post and places to stay overnight. The snowcat and electronic system of admission function there.


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The ski lifts of Drahobrat ski complex lift to Stih mountain (1707 m high). The interesting fact is that the whole Drahobrat ski resort began right from there. There are 4 ski lifts: 2 drag lifts (VL-1000 and Doppelmayr) and 2 rope tows. The capacity of both drag lifts is 2000 persons per hour, the rop tows — 1000. The lift called VL-1000 has red colour and can be noticed easily right behind the buildings of Drahobrat ski complex; The lower station of Doppelmayr ski lift (painted in yellow) is located behind a small hill, near the rope tow.

There are several trails of different difficulty levels — from the easiest to special ones for freeride skiing. You can go down from the top along blue, red or black trails. The easiest slopes (not counting ones for beginners near the rope tows) are located between the drag lifts — the blue ones, optimized for beginners and amateurs. The intermediate slopes go down from the other sides of VL-1000 and Doppelmayr. Two the most difficult trails are on the fringe of the area of Drahobrat complex; these trails go from the highest point of the complex untill the lower stations of the bigger ski lifts.
From the highest point of this area you can also go down to the ski lifts of Vershyna Karpat ski complex.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude difference Working hours
drag lift (VL-1000) 1000 m ~300 m 9:00-18:00
drag lift (Doppelmayr) 1000 m ~300 m
rope tow 200 m 60 m
rope tow 100 m 50 m

Rate* drag lift rope tow
1 lift 50 UAH 20 UAH
5 lifts 180 UAH 60 UAH
20 lifts 550 UAH 180 UAH
50 lifts 1300 UAH 400 UAH
* The purchased cards are valid untill the full use.
Discount is available for those who stay in Drahobrat hotel.

Near the lower stations of the ski lifts there is a cashier's office, places to have a meal (food booth, cafe), equipment rental agencies (from 50 UAH), a ski school, ski instructor's service (200 UAH per hour), a first-aid post, a security office, a rescue service post and a hotel. The snowcat functions there (snowcat tours are also available); electronic system of admission functions there. The night illumination is available near the lower rope tow, for the easiest slope.

You can get there, as to any point in Drahobrat ski resort, only by the 4-wheel drive vehicle (available in Yasinya village). Drahobrat ski complex is almost the highest point on the mountain road around Drahobrat ski resort.


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KARPATSKA CHAYKA (the Carpathian Gull)

Karpatska Chayka ski complex consists of 2 ski lifts: the double chairlift and the platter rope tow for beginners. So, there are trails of different difficulty levels — the green one (for training) and the blue-red one (intermediate) which is good for beginners and amateurs.

The chairlift takes you to the so called Peremychka (the Bridge), which is located between Stih (1704 m) and Zhandarm (1763 m) mountains. From there you can go down along the trail 1400 m long. The slope has some hilly parts but it's quite straight and wide in general. The small slope near the rope tow is well optimized for those who just begins to learn how to ski or snowboard.

Type of the ski lift Length Rates
chairlift 1200 m 100 UAH per lift
680 UAH per 10 lifts
1780 UAH per 40 lifts
rope tow 200 m 30 UAH per lift
330 UAH per 12 lifts

Near the lower station of the chairlift there are equipment rental agencies, cafes, a parking, a first-aid post and a cashier's office. The ski school works there. Snowcats and electronic system of admission function there. Snowcat tours to Zhandarm and Blyznytsya mountains are also available. Night illumination is available only near the rope tow.

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OAZA Sports and Tourist Complex (The Oasis)

There are 3 ski lifts in Oaza complex: the fastest drag lift in drahobrat ski resort (950 persons per hour) and a rope tow for beginners. The hill where these lifts are located is called Zhandarm (1763 m high).

The longest stretch with a slope of increased difficulty and wide freeride tracks. The slope, which unofficial name is 'Vidpochynkovy' (Recreational), is intended for beginners and ski amateurs; the trails there are green (the most comfortable slope for beginners), blue and red (intermediate). The longest trail there has 2 km. The slope is quite flat there. The snowcat functions on the hill.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude
Working hours Rates*
(per lift)
big lift 1050 m   9:00-17:00 70 UAH
medium lift 840 m 180 m 50 UAH
small lift 300 m 30 m 30 UAH
* 50% discount is available for children under 6 years.
20% discount is available for those who stay in Oaza hotel.

Facilities available in the complex: ski rental (150-350 UAH per day), equipment service, ski school and instructors (800 UAH per hour), restaurant, parking, first-aid post and rescue service.

You can get there by the 4-wheel drive vehicle or order transfer from Yasinya village. There is a road sign near the road.

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There are some other ski lifts in Drahobrat ski resort: the bigger drag lift, which doesn't function nowadays (located along the road), and the smaller private rope tow, which usually works for the owners' purposes (the upper station is located near the road — 48.24638 24.23747; near the road sign of Oaza complex).

The interesting fact to point out is that snowcat tours to the highest points of the resort area are available (for example, to such points as Zhandarm and Vyzhnytsya mountains).