Worth seeing in Mostyska

  • Branch Chapel

    The Branch Chapel of Visiting Elizabeth by St. Mary was built in 1636.
    During the Austrian times the church was given over to the local Greek-Catholic community. After II World War it was a Russian Orthodox church, and since early 1990s it has been a Ukrainian Orthodox church named as the church of the Intercession.
    Now the church is under reconstruction.
    Address: Mostyska
  • Church of Ascension

    The wooden church is situated at the old cemetery. It was built in 1722 as the carved inscription says. The church attracts by its authentic look.
    There is a belltower nearby that serves as a storage.
    Address: Mostyska, Zavada St. 25
  • Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist

    The stone church of St. John the Baptist was built in early XVII c. Its main altar was decorated with the icon of St. Mary and St. John the Baptist made by master Dolabelle.
    Today it is one of the oldest stone church in Mostyska and one of the most impressive churches in the region with the facade crowned by the fronton with an «all-seeing eye».
    Now there is another altar inside the church — the sculpture of St. John the Baptist decorates it. There are also side altars in the church now — altar of the Heart of Jesus Christ, of St. Mary, of St. Anthony and altar of St. Trinity.
    The church organ dates back to the early XX c.
    Address: Mostyska, T. Kostyushko St.
  • Dominican Monastery

    The Dominican monastery already undertook its activities in the town in XV c. The complex includes the church of St. Catherine (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Perpetual Help) — an interesting architectural monument of the XVI c. It is the oldest stone church in the town.
    In 1788 the monastery was closed by Austrians, and the church served as a hay storage.
    In 1879-1881 the whole complex was given to the Redemptorist Order that arrived from England. In 1883 the altar of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was sanctified, and the miracle-making icon from Rome, painted by master Roden, was placed there.
    In early XX c. the tower was built. It is the main decoration of the church and the town today.
    After the II World War the church was closed, and in 1991 it was given back to the local community.
    Address: Mostyska, B. Khmelnytsky, 5
  • Strakhotsky Palace

    The romantic Strakhotsky Palace with its neo-Gothic features is the most prominent architectural monument in Mostyska.
    It was built in 1820-1830 for Antony Strakhotsky as an ancient defensive castle. Architect F. Baumann is considered to be the manager of the construction works.
    The former palace is surrounded with the old park. There are several old structures on its territory worth seeing — the former cattleshed or a mill, or a granary and an old chapel near the road.
    Now the former palace serves as a school for local children.
    Address: Mostyska, Rudnykivska St. 152 (Rudnyky suburb)