Worth seeing in Snyatyn

  • Armenian Church

    The Armenian church is a temple of the one-naved basilica type. It has compact facades reinforced with counterforts in the South and in the North. The main front of the church is typical for baroque. Today the Armenian church reminds about the time when Armenians appeared in the town. They sold livestock and were engaged in leather processing, producing high-quality goatskin in particular. Shoemakers produced great boots that were very popular among women. Armenians had their own authorities, later they got the right to have the Armenian temple. The modern church was built in 1801 on the place of the ancient one. The icon of St. Mary was moved to it from the old one.
    Address: Snyatyn, Voyevoda Kosnyatyn St. 74
  • Church of Ascension

    The Church of Ascension with the bell tower is a monument of wooden architecture. 1838 is considered to be the date of its construction, though the local researchers deny it and date the church to 1784. The church documents of other town churches had been kept just here. The iconostasis dates to 1894. In 1903 the church was covered with tin. Natalya Kobrynska, a well-known activist of women movement, the wife of the local priest, used to visit the church.
    Address: Snyatyn, Kobrynski St. 29
  • Church of the Archistratigus Michael

    The idea of the church construction in Snyatyn on the place where the old chapel was situated, belongs to Teofil Kobrynsky, the local priest. At the end of May, 1880 Josyph Sembratovych, the metropolitan of the Greek-Catholic church, consecrated the place for the church. It was a great event in the town, the celebrations lasted for three days. The Austrian government allowed to use bricks from the barracks ruined during the great fire in the town. All the town community participated in the church construction. The Church of the Archistratigus Michael was opened for a mess in 1886. The temple was consecrated by Yulian Pelesh, the bishop Stanyslavsky.
    Address: Snyatyn, Kardynal Yosyp Slipy St. 4
  • Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

    The Roman-Catholic parish in Snyatyn was founded in 1568. The first church is supposed to be built at that time as well. The modern church was built in 1843-1857. During the soviet time the church served as a granary, blacksmith's shop and service center. In 1990 the church was given to church members. Now it is in the process of renovation.
    Address: Snyatyn, Voyevoda Kosnyatyn St.
  • Town Hall

    The Town Hall has one of the highest towers (50 m) in Western Ukraine. It was built in 1861. The building of the Town Hall has the features of classicism. The Tower is a mixture of different styles and represents the eclecticism in architecture. The local authorities were located here till 1941. Now it is an administrative building in the town center.
    Address: Snyatyn, T. Shevchenko St. 70