Museums in Horodenka

  • Pokuttya museum was founded in 2009.
    The exposition is located in 2 rooms and consists of different authentic items showing the daily routine of the local residents. There is textile, embroidered products, straw footwear, old household tools (hammers, axes, laundry and ironing devices, etc.), pysankas (Easter eggs), jugs, trunks and variety of other interesting things.
    There is a specially equipped exposition 'The Dwelling of Pokuttian Peasant'.
    In the second room there are Pokuttian folk clothing, such as embroidered shirts rukaviankas, zapaskas (embroidered aprons), kraikas (embroidered belts), wedding wreaths, kozhukhs (local type of coats).

    Address: Horodenka, T. Shevchenko St. 82
    Open: Mo.-Fr. 9:00-18:00
  • Nowadays the museum possess a little lodging which houses the photo exhibition. The main part of the exhibits are kept in the reserves. The photo documents tell about the fighters for the independence of Ukraine.

    Address: Horodenka, I. Bogun St. 9
    Open: 08:00-15:00; closed on Sat., Sun.