Museums in Cherniatyn

  • Amulet

    The exhibition is located in the library in the House of Culture.
    There are 3 rooms with different authentic items.
    At the entrance you can see bambetel (wooden bench), 'the fat' barrel, baskets, rushnyks and other old household items.
    Exposition of the first room: clothing (men's and women's embroidered shirts), rushnyks, the trunk, special equipment and devices (dzbans - utensils, pestle and mortar, barrel 'for beer', mill stones, terlytsia - device for hemp processing, prytula, sliver, etc.).
    The exposition of the other rooms is represented by embroidered shirts (vyshyvankas), in particular - more than 100 years old bride's rukavynka; wedding wreaths, jugs, footwear (one-piece leather-hide shoes, women's boots-liaskas), sliver, old cradle, etc.
    Observing the old photographs, you can get a general idea of how people of different social classes looked during the different festive events.
    Guided tours and basket weaving master classes are available.

    Address: Сherniatyn, T. Shevchenko St. 1
    Open: 12:00-19:00, closed on Mo.