Ski lifts and slopes in Vyshkiv


High Pass Cheremshyna

The ski lifts in Vyshkiv village


The hotel with the same name is located at the foot of Zaloma mountain. Near the hotel there is a drag lift with an intermediate station (capacity — 300 persons per hour).

The trail is 1 km long and would be convenient for amateurs, there is a red (intermediate) slope. The lower part of the hill is quite flat and easy, which is good for beginners. You can get there by the drag lift. The upper part of the slope is more hilly.

The type of the ski lift Length Altitude
T-bar drag lift 950 m 300 m 10:00-18:00 10 UAH per lift
200 UAH per day

There is night illumination.

Near the lower station of the drag lift there is a kolyba (traditional local restaurant) and hot meals and drinks are available there. A little bit lower the upper station there is a special place for food booths with local treatments and sometimes live music also.

Nearby there is a small skiing equipment rental but it's better to come with your own. Instructor's service is available.

You can also get to the drag lift stations by horse drawn sleigh.

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48.7285  23.63979  
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There is also another small drag lift located opposite High Pass, from the other side of the main road. The slope there is easy and good for beginners. This private lift works not regularly — the owners turn it on when they need to.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude
drag lift 300 m 150 m

Nearby there is a small convenience store.

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48.72378  23.66698  
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There is a small equipment rental agency in the village, near High Pass hotel.