Worth seeing in Osmoloda

  • Blast Furnace

    A unique monument of industry - Angelivska Blast Furnace - was built in 1810 at the support of Metropolitan Anthony Angelovych. The company also owned 12 coal mines, 2 factories processing iron, a smithy for nail manufacturing.
    The complex had been finctioning only for 6 years (1812-1818). It had great damages during the First World War.
    The Blast furnace is located between the villages of Yasen and Hrinkiv, on the way to Osmoloda. The main landmark - the hinged wooden bridge. After passing the bridge and the forest behind it, the footpath to the left will lead to the monument.

    Address: Osmoloda, Anheliv tract
  • Cedar Chamber

    Another name — Cottage or residence of Sheptitskiy.
    Metropolitan Sylvester (Sembratovych) built the cedar house with chambers in 1892. The mineral springs were the reason for the selection of this place. Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky actively developed the resort-residence, especially after the fire of 1916 (the pine house was also burned). At that time new buildings appeared, and three pools with mineral water were built. The narrow gauge railway Broshniv - Osmoloda was constructed, too(was destroyed).
    Here princes of Austria-Hungary and Poland came for treatment and rest. During the Soviet period some Soviet officials came for hunting here. By and by the resort fell into decay.
    Today this place is under renovation: the main building resembling the former cedar house was built here, the greek-catholic center was found and the church decorated with the mosaic wall painting was erected, too.
    The stone grotto has been preserved, which firstly had a deer instead of a cross.
    Address: Osmoloda, Pidlyute tract
  • Lyutoshary Bog

    This hydrological nature monument is the place where meadowy flora and the grey alder grow. Here there are some types of Orchidaceae plant family and sunflower family, which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.
    The Bog is located in the north-east from Osmoloda, in the valley of a tributary of the Limnytsya river.

    Address: Osmoloda
  • Mshana Bog

    It is a hydrological nature monument of national importance. It got its status in 1975.
    The Mshana Bog covers an area of 6 hectares. There are peatery; bushes with moss (peat, white), spruce forests with pine sites. Some species of plants and animals are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, for example, Carex pauciflora and Carpathian newt. There is an interesting relic of the Ice Age - Scotch argus butterfly.
    This interesting monument of nature is located to the west of Osmoloda village.

    Address: Osmoloda
  • Rosokhan Lake

    This mountain Lake is located in the tract Rosokhan, on the slope of Arshytsya, the Gorganivskyy ridge as high as 1120 m above sea level. Its total area near 5 hectares. Depending on rainfall its length ranges within 50-70 m, width — 20 m, depth — 2.8-4.5 m. The lake was formed as a result of ground motion, or of falling meteorite.
    The water here is clear, the bottom - rocky, rainfall supply it with water. Firtree forests surround the lake.
    To find the lake one can go to the north-west of Osmoloda. Distance is about 13 km. A significant part of the road can be overcome by car.
    Address: Osmoloda
  • Syvulya Tract

    The tract was created to preserve, in particular, one of the European subalpine relict species of herbal plants — the great yellow gentian.
    This nature monument is located in the south-east from Osmoloda village.

    Address: Osmoloda