Worth seeing in Manyava

  • Manyava Skete

    The Manyava Skete is a well known secluded monastery in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The monk Jov Knyahynytskyy is considered to be the founder of the monastery. The architectural complex dates back to the XVII c. Previously, the monastery was famous for its large library of incunabula. The legends say that Oleksa Dovbush, the folk hero of liberation movement, used to visit the monastery.
    In 1620 the monastery got its autonomy. And, at that time, about 200 monks lived here, besides, the monastery owned dozens of monasteries in Galicia, Bukovina and even in Moldova. In 1612 the church of the Holy Cross was built here. Jov Kondzelovich, the well known icon painter of the time created the legendary Bohorodchany iconostasis for the church (1698-1705). Now it is kept in the National Museum in Lviv. Some researchers believe that Ivan Vygovskyy, Hetman of Ukraine, was buried here in 1664.
    In 1970-1980 the monastery was restored. It became a historical and architectural reserve.
    Now it houses the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Cross.

    Address: Manyava village
  • Manyava Waterfall

    The Manyava waterfall is a well known hydrological monument. It is located not far from Manyava village (5 km). The Waterfall is a very popular tourist sight because of its location — in the picturesque canyon of Manyavka river. It is about 20 m high, and there are several rapids downstream as high as 2 m. That's why it became a place for canyoning tours.

    Address: Manyava village