Worth seeing in Krylos

  • Church of Dormition

    The church was built in the late XVI c. But the turkish-tatar attack of 1676 damaged the temple and fortifications around it. The restoration began in 1699, and was finished in 1702. The church got the features of Renaissance. There are numerous graffiti on the walls of the church that date back to ХІІ-ХІІІ с. They are supposed to belong to the ancient Cathedral of Dormition. The iconostasis made by Anton Monastyrsky, the prominent Ukrainian artist of the early XX c., decorates the church inside. The image of a fabulous creature — a dragon-griffin with wings on one of the walls is a monument of ancient Galician carving of XII c.
    Address: Krylos village
  • Foundation of Cathedral of Assumption of XII c.

    The first mention about the temple is related to the burial place of prince Yaroslav Osmomysl here in 1187. There are other mentions about Halych Cathedral in XIV-XVI c., but we do not know the exact date of its destruction. And the location of the main temple of princely Halych was unknown for many centuries. Finally the sight was localized in 1936 by the expedition led by Yaroslav Pasternak, the prominent archeologist of the time. The numerous finds of architectural details and the sculptural decoration gave the idea of the look of the majestic Halych cathedral. Judging from the fragments of the plaster and tracks of frescos, the temple had wall paintings inside. During excavations in 1937, Yaroslav Pasternak found out a stone sarcophagus with the mortal remains of prince Yaroslav Osmomysl. During his governing there was a library and the writing-workshop for copying the books at the cathedral. The cultural and educational complex also included «School of Osmomysl». Today the foundation of the temple is a prominent archeological monument of Galicia.
    Address: Krylos village
  • Halychyna Grave

    Halychyna Grave is a single burial mound situated on the highest point of Krylos, the place of the centre of the ancient Halych (315,8 m). Michael Hrooshevsky considered that in Halychyna Grave the founder of Halych could be buried. The Grave was explored in different years by T. Zemenetsky, Y. Pelensky and Y. Pasternak. But only the research of 1991-1993 finally found out almost all secrets of the burial. During excavations here tailings of burned out hollowed ship and an equipment of the noble warrior were found out. The scientists date them to the Xth century. In 1998, the sight of princely days Halychyna Grave was made as the museum sight. It became another unique object of the Krylos mountain, adding to the display of the Museum of the history of ancient Halych.
    Address: Krylos village