Restaurants and cafés in Hlybivka

  • Forest Song

    A large room for 40 people, its interior is performed in the eighteenth century's style.
    2 banquet rooms — one of them is for 60 to 120 people and the other one is for 25 people (with a winter garden). Ancient Carpathian cuisine, Ukrainian and European meals, exclusive banquet meals.
    Varieties of alcohol and soft drinks and teas.
    Specialties: 'Mavchyni slyozy' (Mavka's tears), 'Lukasheve sertse' (Lukash's heart), liver in a Hutsul style, goulash 'vid kumy' etc. Carpathian trout.
    Address: Hlybivka
    Open: 11:00-24:00
    Phone: (03471) 3-62-32
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