VYZHNYTSKY National Park

Vyzhnytsky National Park was created on August 30, 1995. The basis for its creation were existing landscape reserves in Luzhky and Stebnyk, as well as tract reserves in Stayechne and Yavoriv. It covers an area of 11238 hectares. The major tasks of the park are the following: to protect ecosystems, scientific and recreational activities, environmental and educational activities, nature protection propaganda.

The park is located in the Outer Carpathians, mainly on the Berehomet lowland. The location of the National Park is temperate continental with abundant moisture. The hottest time falls in July (+30; +35ºС), the lowest in January (-20; -25 ºС). The heaviest precipitation occurs in June-August (700-1000 mm). Thunderstorms are typical for the region at any season, even in winter during cyclonic fronts.

Vyzhnytsky NP is located in the basins of the Cheremosh river (right tributary of the Prut river) and the Siret river (left tributary of the Danube). There are mineral springs on the territory of the park, for instance Luzhky, abundant in iron ions, magnesium and aluminium. Other springs: "Stizhok" (Krynychka), "Stebnik", "Zubrynec" (Berehomet forestry) and "Diana" (near Vyzhenka).

The largest territory of the National Park is occupied by fir-beech and beech-fir forests which differs from the other forest zones of Carpathians, this fact is due to the climatic conditions of the region (beech and fir are thermophilic). There are areas of grasslands and granite outcrops.

Flora of the park is represented by 50 rare and endangered plant species, 40 species are included into the Red Book of Ukraine. For instance nabrodnyk bezlysty, the representative of orchids species is one of the most rare orchids of the Ukrainian flora. Fern (vascular plant) is a representative of relict species, three types of it grow here. Hedera helix grows in Stebnyk.

Fauna of Vyzhnytsky NP numbers 3 thousand species, including: 217 species of vertebrates, 137 birds, 41 mammals, 20 Osteichthyes (bony fish), 11 amphibia, 7 reptiles, 1 lamprey. 62 wildlife representatives are included into the Red Book of Ukraine. Among vertebrates there are: white stork, lesser spotted eagle, stock dove, European mole cricket, hazel dormouse, forest dormouse, wildcat; among animals of the Mediterranean origin there are: fire salamander, European tree frog, Aesculapian snake; less typical mountain species are represented by: yellow-bellied toad, pipit, grey wagtail, white-throated dipper etc.

Due to favourable natural conditions VYZHNYTSIA National Park has a great potential for tourism development. To this effect, 6 eco-tourism routes and 1 ecology trail were worked out, which acquaint with the local natural and architectural sights. Ecological and educational centre of the park is responsible for environmental education, which, in particular, organizes various expositions.

Office of the park:
Chernivtsi region
Vyzhnytsya district
Tsentralna St. 27-a

Phone: +38 (03730) 3-13-57
+38 (03432) 3-69-06

Open: 9:00-18:00, closed on Sat. and Sun.

E-mail: vyzhpark@ukr.net
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