Transport in Bila Krynytsya

How to get to Bila Krynytsya:

Public transport between Hlyboka and Bila Krynytsya runs twice a day — at 12:00 and at 16:40. After the first run the bus returns at once, and after the last run it returns to Hlyboka only next morning.
There are several variants of exit out of the village in the day of arrival. On weekdays between 15:00 and 16:00 the driver of the school bus comes back home. He can take you to Bahrynivka village or debus you a few kilometres to Stary Vovchynets village. Here public transport runs more often to Hlyboka or Chernivtsi. Or, you may walk to Stary Vovchynets (it will take about 2 hours) or try hitchhiking (though cars from Bila Krynytsya are rare).

Train schedule on the site of Ukrainian railway
Bus schedule