Rabka-Zdrój is a small town, located on the edge of mountain ranges of Gorcy and the Island Beskids; primarily known as children's ski resort. The town is situated at an altitude of 500-560 m. The history of this area starts with Cystersi from Szczytnica, who owned the land in ancient times. In 1364 during the reign of Casimir the Great, it gained the status of town according to the Magdeburg right.

The formation of Rabka-Zdrój as a resort settlement is connected with the presence of salty water sources, used by locals for the disease treatment. The fact that even in ancient times that mineral resources were used with the treatment purposes is confirmed by the document of Bolesław "The Chaste One" — "Salt in Rabka". 1857 is regarded to be the year of resort foundation, when due to the initiative of Józef Dietl the analysis of the chemical composition of the local mineral waters was made, on the basis of which the expert's conclusion about their treatment properties has been carried out. In the second half of the 19th century the construction of resort facilities, villas of rich Poles has been started. In 1864 the settlement gained an official status of the resort.

In the interwar period the resort has become widely known in Poland particularly owing to the successful treatment of the childhood diseases here. Nowadays Rabka-Zdrój has a special status of 'City of the World's Children'. Children, who are treated from respiratory diseases, children diabetes and allergies here, annually present the settlement with a special award, the Order of Smile, assigned for those adults, whose activities during the year have gifted the children with the biggest joy. Also one of Rabka-Zdrój's advantages is its geographical location. The tourists can comfortably and easily get to the walking and hiking trails to Gorcy, the Island Beskids and Babja Gora. Numerous tourist routes lead from here to mountain massifs of Maciejówka, Luboń Wielki, Turbacz etc. In winter Rabka-Zdrój becomes a popular winter sports centre. The most popular ski resorts in the region are the following:

  • Maciejowka ski lift
  • Polczakówka ski lift
  • Rdzawka ski lift
  • Turbacz ski lift
  • U Żura ski lift

The mineral springs, which come out to the surface in Rabka-Zdrój brines, has gained the popularity of being the strongest across the Europe since 1858. Mainly they are used for treatment of respiratory diseases. The most popular sources of mineral waters are "Helena", "Krakus", "Warnica", "Rabka 18", "Rabka 19". The main recreational and therapeutic procedures that are performed in Rabka-Zdrój, based on local natural mineral and climatic resources are:

  • swimming in brine (pools or baths for children and adults)
  • inhalation
  • hydrotherapy
  • underwater and dry massage
  • individual and group therapeutic exercises
  • climatotherapy

Worth seeing:

Architectural sights

  • Church of St. Maria Magdalena (1902-1908)
  • Rabcio puppet show (1949)


  • Museum in the wooden church of the 17th century named after Vladyslaw Orkan, Władysława Orkana St. 2
  • Museum of the Order of the Smile, Dietla St. 2