Ski lifts and slopes in Vyzhenka



There are two drag litfts belonging to Nimchych tourist complex (usually, only one functions).

The slopes there are blue-red, mainly for amateurs and those who already had some skiing practice. The upper section is steeper, the lower one is flat and more gentle.

The functioning lift has the slope with more difficult part upwards and flatter areas in the middle and downwards. The trails there are designed for beginners (blue) and intermediate skiers (red). The best part for those who only start doing winter sports is obviously the lowest part of the hill. Generally speaking, the surface of the whole slope has only some hilly parts with shrubs, but moslty it's grassy and smooth.

The slope at the other lift is more hilly and possible to have some twisty trails with forested sections.

Ski lift type Length Altitude difference
drag lift (smaller) 400 m 70 m
drag lift (bigger) 800 m 90 m

There is a ski rental (skis, snowboards, sledges), Chervona Ruta restaurant, souvenir shops, accommodation and some other leisure facilities in the tourist complex.

Ski lifts and trails
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