Ski lifts and slopes in Myhovo


MYHOVO Ski Resort

On Mala Kychera mountain (744,8 m) in winter season there are 2 drag lifts and 2 rope tows. The length of drag lifts is different, they are parallel to each other; capacity of each is 1500 persons per hour. Rope tows are located separately: one is on the place for beginners, the other one is for snowtubing.

Total length of the slopes is 3300 m. There are two main slopes for amateurs leading from the top station of the longer drag lift — red slope of average level (1240 m long, marked I on the scheme) and blue one for beginners (1100 m long, marked II on the scheme): the easier one goes straight, the one that is more difficult goes through the forest. The green slope will be interesting for beginners (600 m long, marked III on the scheme). The slope near the rope tow (200 m long, V) is a perfect place for safe studying.

The slope for snowtubing (IV), 250 m long, is a specially equipped slope for riding peculiar sleighs (car tyres are the base for them).

Type of the ski lift Length Working hours Rates
drag lift 1100 m 9:00-18:00;
40-60 UAH per lift
600-850 UAH (9:00-18:00),
400-450 UAH (18:00-21:00)
drag lift 600 m
rope tow 150 m
Discount 20% for customers.
Deposit for the skipass — 20 UAH.

Near the lower station of the drag lift there is a booking office. If necessary, there work snowmaking machines and a snowcat, there is night illumination. For visitors there are 5 ski rental agencies (skis, clothing and equipment, snowboards, sledges) and 3 ski schools. Near the ski lifts there always work rescue workers and there is also a first aid station.

The scheme of the ski slopes and lifts
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