Košice Region

Košice Region is located in Eastern Slovakia. It boarders with Prešov Region in the North, Ukraine in the East, Hungary in the South and Banska Bystrica Region in the West. Košice Region was formed on July, 1, 1996 when East-Slovakia Region was divided into Košice and Prešov Regions due to reorganization of administrative division of Slovakia.

Ethnic composition of Košice Region consists mainly of Slovaks (81,8%). Other nationalities live here in the following proportion: Hungarians — 11,2%, Romanians — 3,9%, Ukrainians and Czechs — 0,6% each. Among religious communities the most numerous is Roman Catholic (59,5%). Greek Catholics occupy 11,0%, Reformates — 6,4%, Lutherans — 4,4%, Orthodox — 1,8%.

Geographically, Košice Region consists of 11 districts. Four districts form the agglomeration of Košice Municipal Region.Košice is the administrative centre of the region with the population over 239,000 people.

The territory of Košice Region has been steadily inhabited by autonomic Slovak ethnic group and its ethnic Slavonic ancestors for more than 1400 years (the oldest Slavonic settlements of the region are verified by archeological findings in Kráľovský Chlmec and on Somotor mountain approximately from XI century). The following historico-geographical regions are distinguished on the territory of Košice Region:

  • Kosice-Abov region (the territory of Košice Municipal Region)
  • Zemplinsky region (Michalovce, Trebišov and Sobranci districts)
  • Spiš region (Spišská Nová Ves and Gelnica districts)
  • A part of Hamer region (in the surroundings of Rožňava, Dobsina and Rejdová)

Košice Region is located on the territory of Eastern Slovak lowland and Spiš-Hemerskyy mountain range. Slovak Ore Mountains form the Western mountainous region while Košice hollow takes a considerable part of the Southern mountainous region. Slanské Hills divide the territory of the region into Western and Eastern parts. Eastern Slovakia lowland is located in the Eastern part of the region. The lowest point of Slovakia (94 m above sea level) is located there. Zemplinska hills prevail in southeastern, mainly lowland part of the region while Vihorlat Mountains stretch along southeastern lands from the West to the East.

Slovak Ore Mountains are characterised by cold mountainous climate. Eastern Slovak lowland is the warmest area of Košice Region. It is characterised by warm and dry climate.

Herl'any geyser with cold water is located approximately 30 km southeast from Košice. Thermal springs in this area have been well-known from XVII century. A large proportion of lands in Košice Region is reserved for the protected areas. "Slovak Paradise" and "Slovak Kras" are interesting National Parks. Vihorlat Mountains and the meadows of Latorytsya river are equally remarkable.

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