Iwonicz-Zdrój is a resort town, located in the south-eastern part of Poland in Low Beskids. The settlement belongs to the oldest and most famous resorts in Poland. It is located in the south-eastern part of Subcarpathian Voivodeship, at a distance of 80 km from Rzeszów and 16 km from Krosno. Its traditions date back to the time of King Stefan Bathory. In 1578 the medical experts of that time paid their attention to the therapeutic properties of local mineral water. The chlorous-bicarbonate-sodium, iodized and bromized waters flow out from the local springs, which are used in therapeutic baths, drunk and are used for the production of therapeutic salt. In addition Iwonicz-Zdrój fascinates by the beauty of its historic architecture, clear air and wonderful microclimate.

Local spa resorts are famous for high competence of medical staff, not only in Poland, but also abroad. Especially useful health improvement will be here for people with diseases of neurological, orthopedic, rheumatological, laryngological, gynaecological nature, and also the digestive system. Iwonicz-Zdrój health resort specializes in treatment of:

  • osteoporosis: there is a high-quality equipment for densometric analysis of the bone density at any place in the skeleton, conducting detailed laboratory examination (analytical, chemical, hormonal);
  • psoriasis: spa treatment, combined with the latest pharmacological methods; daily doctor's visit and twenty-four-hour nursing care, complex of manipulation treatment;
  • obesity: low-calorie diet and complex of selected procedures;
  • rehabilitation of women after the mastectomy: medical examination and high-level care of professionals provides the opportunity for every patient to get the individual (taking into account the indications and contraindications) complex of manipulation treatment, meetings with psychologist and other activities.

In addition to health improvements, there are favourable conditions in Iwonicz-Zdrój for the active retreat and relaxation. The resort town provides various tourists attractions, including tennis courts, bike rentals, horse riding, local history routes and walking tracks, ski lift, running and skiing tracks, cinema, library, art gallery "Passage", which hosts exhibitions of pictorial art, graphic art, sculptures, photographs etc.

For those who enjoy alpine skiing tourism Iwonicz-Zdrój offers modern infrastructure. Beside a ski lift on Winiarska Mountain there is a slope, having a length of 350 m, which is illuminated at night. Ski equipment rental functions in the settlement in winter. In the suburbs of Iwonicz-Zdrój the ski cross-country trails are laid.

Worth seeing:

Sights of architecture and history

  • Pijalnia Wód Mineralnych Pump Room (1860, 1930)
  • Stare Łazienki Pump Room (1870, 1950)
  • St. Ivon and Blessed Virgin Mary Healing the Sick Church (1895)
  • Оbelisk to King Załuski, commemorated to his foundation of Iwonicz-Zdrój (1860)

Sights of nature and landscape art

  • Winiarska Mountain
  • Stare Łazienki park resort (1869)
  • Magura National Park