Hryada (Shatsk)

A large recreational zone (28,25 ha) on the eastern bank of Svityaz lake, 2,5 km from Shatsk. Around 100 recreation centres of different enterprises and private hotels are located here. You can find accommodation for every taste and budget — from summer wooden houses to the deluxe suites.

Recreational and entertainment infrastructure work here in summer — various cafes, discos, playgrounds and amusements on the lake shore. There is a market, several souvenir stalls and shops with different leisure equipment. The beach is full of locals that offer fresh bakery, dumplings ('varenyky'), potato pancakes (hash browns), different kinds of fish, including well-known Shatsk eels. If you need some wellness treatment, massage, gym or playground, you can also find all of this here.

The beaches near Svityaz are mostly grassy, the lake bottom is sandy, the depth increases gradually at the distance of 30-40 m from the shore. The water contains glycerine and silver, its temperature in summer can reach 20°C. The coastal zone is permanentely cleaned by the personnel. The surroundings are mostly pine forests.

There is a certain entrance fee to the territory of recreational zone.