An instruction to those, who are going to climb Hoverla

Dear friends! We welcome your desire to climb the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathians and of the whole Ukraine — Hoverla, the height of which is 2061 m above the sea level. It's worth noting, that despite being technically not a complicated peak, not everyone is strong enough to climb it.

So, before climbing, make sure that you don't have heart diseases, problems with blood pressure, varicose and other serious illnesses.

If you are young and healthy, then your desire to climb the top plays the major role. Tourism is a group type of holiday, on the route you shouldn't outstrip and lag behind the group, therefore, a good physical conditioning is required, in order to be prepared to sustain the pace of walking, set by the guide. If the pace is too fast for you, don't hesitate to ask the guide to slow down.

Don't take a lot of unnecessary things to the mountains. Your clothing should be as much close to sportswear as possible. Take into account that at an altitude of 2000 m the temperature is usually 10-12 degrees lower than in the valley. Usually, it rains in summer in the mountains, therefore, the raincoat (it can be replaced by the waterproof jacket) is an indispensable element of your outfit. Cold winds blow here, so it is necessary to have a windproof jacket and a warm sweater. Headgear is obligatory, it will warm your head when it's cold and protect it from direct sunlight when it's hot. It's worth noting, that the sharp changes in weather on Chornohora mountain range may occur within several hours. Also, take into consideration that from May till September the temperature at the top of Hoverla can drop to 0 degrees even at daytime, the rain and sleet are possible.

It is desirable to have mountain track shoes (shoes with protector of the "vibram" type) or good sneakers, but not with smooth soles. It is inadmissible to go hiking wearing flip-flops, slippers or sandals. Also, you will need a compact 10-20 litres-volume backpack. There you may put spare clothing, first aid kit, camera, video camera or binoculars. Also you can put several sandwiches and a thermos with tea or coffee there. Polyethylene bags and handbags should not be taken to the mountains. Only ski poles can be held in hands while hiking

For climbing the mountain not to be too complicated, it is recommended to do physical exercises before: go jogging, training in the gym, doing morning exercises. Climbing Hoverla is a one-day hike, designed for 6-8 hours of active walking. If the starting point is sports training resort "Zarosliak", then the distance in both directions will be 7-8 km.

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