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Exclusive novelty:

Mukachevo is a space outpost of Ukraine.

  • Visit to the Western Center for Radio Engineering Surveillance of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.
  • The space history of our country.
  • Transistor computers, electronic lamps.
  • Transcarpathian evening in the castle of love
    The evening program:

    • Torchlight tour around Chynadiyevo castle.
    • Learning Hungarian folk dance Csárdás and Transcarpathian folk songs.
    • Bohrach party — tasting Hungarian national meal with wine from local cellars.
    • And all that is accompained by Hungarian, Slovak and Rusyn folk songs performed by a multinational ensemble.

    Ball in a Medieval Castle
    The programm includes:

    • The time trip to the Middle Ages on the road to Chynadiyevo castle.
    • Clothing items, gossips and real facts from the lives of famous Transcarpathian persons of the 17th century.
    • Entertaining activities right from the Middle Ages.
    • Learning how to dance minuet and sing songs from the old times.
    • You'll feel like a true baroness and graphs on the medieval ball.

    Mukachevo with coffee flavour
    TThe programm includes:

    • Tour showing you the history and culture of coffee in Mukachevo.
    • Coffee tasting (7 types).
    • Exclusively made ice cream and cakes are available for tasting.

    "Transcarpathians are Always Charming" — regular tour.
    Tours around the Transcarpathians:


    • "The best town for spending holidays in Ukraine — 2013"
    • Less than 60 km far from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
    • The most convenient starting point for journeys around the whole region.
    • 1120 years of striking history being a part of 20 states.
    • Medieval Palanok castle is a great place of the town worth seeing.
    • The copy of the monument to Cyril and Methodius in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.
    • The oldest working clock in Ukraine is placed on the church bell tower in Mukacheve.
    • The oldest brewery in Ukraine is also there.


    • The smallest and the most western located regional capital of Ukraine.
    • The town centre is decorated with a set of notable bronze sculptures.
    • In Uzhgorod castle you can see the sabre of Stephen Bathory, who defeated Ivan the Terrible.
    • 1120 years of striking history being a part of 20 states.
    • The everyday live of the local inhabitants (the 18th-20th centuries) is represented in skansen (the open-air museum).
    • Horyanska rotunda is the second old church in Ukraine after St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kyiv.

    Castles of the Transcarpathians

    • The Transcarpathian region is a constant borderzone, the far east or the far west point of different countries.
    • Mukachevo castle was a property of Transilvanian and Hungarian lords.
    • The owner of Uzhgorod castle was a father of Marshal of France.
    • Great-grandfather of Dracula (Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia) owned the castle of Khust.
    • The viceroys of Hungary ruled in Nevytsky castle.
    • The noble spirit of the Middle Ages comes to live now in Sent-Miklosh castle where Silver Tatosh festival is held nowadays.

    History in Stones

    • Horyanska rotunda is the second old church in Ukraine after St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kyiv.
    • The medieval churches of the Transcarpathians are the pages of a real architectural guide book.
    • Balthasar Neumann, "The genius of German Baroque", worked in 1747 in Mukacheve.
    • The building of Royal Court in Berehove town, St. Martin's church in Mukacheve and Orthodox synagogue in Uzhgorod are the best examples of the style.

    History in Wood

    • There are about hundred wooden churches in the Transcarpathians, two of them are in UNESCO heritage list.
    • Transcarpathian masters of wooden building created unique folk styles of temple architecture.
    • Wooden church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kolodne village) is one of the oldest in Europe.
    • There is also the highest wooden church in Ukraine — the church of St. Paraskeva in Oleksandrivka village.


    • Transcarpathian region is famous for its wine growers, wine makers, wine lovers and connoisseurs.
    • You can taste wine in a 300-years old cellar, in a modern winery or in a castle dungeon.
    • In an old basement you can taste a variety of Ratafias and nalewkas made by Celtic recipes.
    • Cheese (even the Swiss one), brynza (goat cheese), lekvar (sort of jam) and honey are also available for degustation.

    Transcarpathian cuisine

    • The local cuisine has absorbed the features of different European cuisines.
    • Bohrach (goulash), Pacal Porkolt ("pacal" is the Hungarian word for tripe), tokan (corn flour porridge), polyvka (soup), chicken paprikash, jókai bableves (bean soup), pidbyvana pasulya (bean soup with smoked meat and sour cream), lotsi-pechene (meat dish), knödel (potato meals), sehedynsky goulash, shurpa (soup), sólet (main course of meat and beans) — all these dishes sound very exotic for most of tourists.
    • In Transcarpathian region you can try these meals in cafés, restaurants, kolybas or even in village houses.

    Natural wonders of the Transcarpathians

    • Transcarpathian region is an ecologically clean place.
    • Hoverla mountain (the highest peak in Ukraine) is located there!
    • Synevyr lake is one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine.
    • Narcissus valley is the only plain place in Europe where these flowers grow.
    • There are 400 sources of mineral water in the region.
    • 30 solutional caves of the age of 20 thousand years are located in the region.
    • In the region you can see 6 out of 10 primeval beech forests of Europe.
    • The only European upland swamp is also located there.
    • The geographical centre of Europe is located in the region and all European capitals compared to it are in a deep province.

    Thermal baths

    • In the region there is an underground thermal reservoir of mineral water.
    • Year-round swimming pools are built in the places where thermal water reaches the surface.


    • The Carpathians are wonderful in winter! Local ski resorts provide an opportunity to experience the joy of speed, wind whistling and snow dust beating your face. Don't say that you don't like skiing without trying it first. What a wonderful pictures can you make wearing your ski equipment with beautiful Carpathians on the background!

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