Berfela Tourist Club

An experienced guide organizes active rest: rafting, cycling, quests, hiking, sightseeing tours supported.
The recreation programm is made for every single client according to personal wishes, preferences and financial resources.
Individual, group and corporate events.

Professional support of tourist groups (including foreign tourists):
  • meeting at the station in any town of Ivano-Frankivsk region, in Lviv, Ternopil, etc.;
  • transfer to the hotel can be arranged;
  • settlement and accommodation of tourists;
  • sightseeing tours;
  • organization of set meals;
  • informational support of tourists;
  • services on organization of tours in Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk region.
Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk.
Salt lakes. Europe's Geographical Centre.
Manyavsky hermitage.
Trips to the mountain valleys and other routes.

During the tours you can visit museums (public and private), to take part in a master class, order the national dish, and see the everyday life of local residents
Active rest:
Hiking (popular routes), individual routes. Several days trips with overnight in tents, shepherds mountain shelter or lodge.
Ascend to such mountains as Hoverla (the highest peak in Ukraine), Pip Ivan (Ivan the Priest), Petros, Khomyak, Makovytsia, Suniak, Yavirnuk etc.
Cycling is available — the mountain bicycle allows you to increase significantly the length of the route compared to foot journeys. The routes with different levels of difficulty include visiting sights and popular tourist places.
Rafting down mountain rivers second, third difficulty by inflatable boats, rafts, catamarans or kayaking. It lasts 1-4 hours, the average route length is 5-35 km. You can visit private museums and other attractions.
Climbing is available — the training aims to introduce the mountain safety rules, rock-climbing equipment and technical means for obstacles overcoming.
Picking up mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs.
Horseback riding, quad bikes rides.
Winter hiking — one day long or more.
Extra service:
Transport service and accommodation arrangement.
Carpathian herbal tea, berries and mushrooms for sale.
We put all efforts to make any difficult route as optimized for you as possible. Clients can design the route by themselves using our information and previous examples of similar events.
Tel.: +38 (097) 968-51-06
+38 (097) 864-48-40


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